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Hello friends, in this blog I will share my views on the topic i.e. Why Internet of Things. Although the topic demands core knowledge of IoT systems I will share my views using simple to understand concepts and ideas which will enhance your overall knowledge.

So, let’s get Started.
Today we have entered in the age of technology revolution. The applications of different technology concepts and products are all around us. One of the forms of technology is the internet of things which is most popular these days.

We all use electronic gadgets like mobile phones and generate an ample amount of data. This data is recorded in the memory of the device but then this data is pushed to the server of the big companies like Google, Facebook which provides cloud service and store our data in their database servers. In case the data is too large then the company uses big data technology architecture to manage the data. The data analysis application extracts the most relevant information which may be presented to the end user.

The internet of things is the network of embedded systems which are connected with each other via the internet or cloud. The big question is why the internet of things. The answer is to make the system smart and intelligent. The data generated by one embedded system device can be shared by other to improve its own features or can be used by artificial intelligence sub-systems for further processing.

With the advancement in the technology sector Internet of things, applications are also increasing and serving humanity in many ways. One of the applications of Internet of Things is in the healthcare sector for diagnosing patients and monitoring their health in a real time. The patient is lying on the bed in his home and his health record statistics have been recorded continuously and sent via the internet through mobile app over the cloud network of a hospital where the front-end interface of doctor monitors the health information of the patient and takes decisions about the medication prescription in a real-time basis. In case the health of the patient becomes worse then, an alert goes to the hospital and ambulance comes to the patient house to carry him to the hospital for further medical treatment.

The data recorded by the car sensors about its working can be sent over the internet to the companies for the data analysis process. This further improves the functionalities of the product. In the coming times, the automation industry will merge with the Internet of Things technology in order to make smart and intelligent appliances which will communicate with each other to make the life of end user more comfortable and convenient.

Internet of things is the billion-dollar market as the products which uses it is billions in number worldwide. It is not irrational to say that internet of things is the future of the mankind and will see more advancements in its core working models in the future.

In order to learn internet of things I should have the good grasp on the following:
1. Embedded systems and sensor technology
2. Computer networking
3. Mobile app development
4. Big data
5. Artificial intelligence

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