Super-Grid Theory [Version 1]

This is a scientific theory which explains all phenomenons occuring in the cosmos. The theory is under development and will be published in scientific journel apart from one copy being published in this website which is my personal hobby website.

If you know particle theory and higher dimention physics then you can understand this theory in a much better manner. We are sorrounded with many particles which are filled in a cosmic space. God is part of this cosmic space and Its dominian extends beyond that space as well.

This theory is a unification of complete set of all known theories known to human civilization till date apart from this, it may also predict many future events.

I am thankful to many teacher with whose motivation I was able to work on this theory. The data outcome of this theory is crucial for many ones to attain supremacy in scientific diaspora.
Currently, we are living in a golden age of science and technology where anything is possible based on methodical approach to the respective subject.

It is my humble request to all the future generation to strive hard to find solutions to world problems and use my Super-Grid theory in a better manner to make a world a better place to live and proliferate.

I also encourage scholars and experts to be critical about the knowledge shared on this website which itself represents a cup of my wisdom attained after the motivation from my teacher and of course through the blessings of God.

To read more about wisdom expressed via Super-Grid theory, keep visiting my website and don’t forget to support me as I am striving everyday to share my wisdom to you all for the sake of humanity in the name of God.

Harpreet Singh.

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