Is Singularity Reachable

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Hello Friends, in this blog I will share my views on the topic i.e. Is Singularity Reachable.

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Today, technology is rising at an exponential scale. The day is not far away when every possible invention will be coined by an innovators and scientists. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, the human civilization is on the verge of finding a path to supremacy in the universe. Singularity is the end of every innovation that a man can think.

Some argue that Singularity would never be achieved as there must be something which will always be new and innovative. The limits of creativity might not be achieved but still some believe Singularity is a reachable goal for the betterment of the humanity.
Many are predicting that Singularity can be attained only through Artificial Intelligence which might come within 2-3 decade of current human civilization. The progress of technology is realizing the goal of Singularity at a much faster rate as expected by tech gurus.

In my future blogs I will share some more ideas related to this topic.

At last, I would like to assert that Singularity might be reachable via Artificial Intelligence but this doesn’t mean this is the end of innovation. The creativity and innovation would still be there for the proliferation of humanity as a big harmonious eco-system alongside technological singularity.

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