Friends Share your ideas to strengthen the cords of humanity.

  1. What if we can beat speed of light.
  2. What if we create one world where anyone can move anywhere without restriction.
  3. No one can measure the depth of LOVE and COMPASSION.
  4. What if we would be able to create clones of ourselves and store them for our benefit
  5. What if our planet looses all its gravitation force and we all would fly away in cosmos
  6. What if teleportation would become reality and we can teleport our body to distant locations in seconds
  7. What if we will be able to transplant our brain to body of other person, will our conscious be transplanted

2 Replies to “Ideas”

    1. I think its not possible to survive without restrictions. We all know that friction is a necessary evil, gravitational force is must to survive, similarly there should be some restrictions to move in right direction.

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