How to make a Cyborg

How to make a Cyborg


Hello friends, in this blog I will share my views on the topic i.e. How to make a Cyborg. Although the topic demands a core knowledge of Engineering and Science I will share my views using simple to understand concepts and ideas which will enhance your overall knowledge.

Today technology is rising at a rapid pace. It is benefiting us in many ways. In every sector of life, we see the emergence of technology products. Cyborg is one of the technology products which is serving mankind in a varied manner.
Cyborg is a humanoid robot which is controlled by the human thoughts and has a body made of the electromechanical sub-system.

It is a combination of various technologies which is listed below:

1. Biological Section: Brain-Computer interface is a link between Brain and Computer component of a machine. The basic idea is to control the movement of a machine using the thought process. In order to make this component, brain signals have to be mapped with the language of computer or robotic system of Cyborg which is digital in nature. The idea here is to catch the thought signal brain waves and encode it in digital format to move the Cyborg limb structures.

2. Electronic Section: In order to make a cyborg, the thorough knowledge of electronic components is a must. The core of a Cyborg would be the network of multiprocessors which would be working together as one big component for driving a specific kind of functionality. For example, in order to sense the outside world, different kind of sensors can be used in a cyborg.

3. Mechanical Section: The design of a Cyborg would rely heavily on this section of the machine. The kinematics of the machine would be based on one simple idea, that the Cyborg would be like a wearable exoskeleton which can stand or run as per requirement of the driver of the Cyborg.

4. Artificial Intelligence Section: In order to move the cyborg, there should be a program written in the processor which drives the motor and gear system of the cyborg. In order to acquire the data from the outside environment, the camera must acquire the image then the pattern recognition algorithm must recognize the patterns in the image in order to infer the data and take specific action.

The knowledge and idea shared in this post are a bit limited but in future, I would make a separate blog post to cover in detail all the sub-systems of the topic i.e. How to make a Cyborg.

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