What is God – Version 1

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Friends some of you might have wondered What is God.

Well this question is very old and from ancient times people have wondered about the answer to this question.
To find the answer to this question, one has to think a lot and that thinking too should accompany meditation as well.

It is my personal belief that if one meditates a lot then he or she can find answer to this question themself. Many saints and philosophers have pondered deeply in the above context as well.
When one meditates then his or her Chakras of Life opens and propels towards another dimensions of life which is linked with God.
There is no doubt that God controls our world and many other worlds as well which are hidden to our visual cortex.

Another fact that I want to share with you is that in our visual world, everything is governed by rules that are created by God. Even the movements of Stars and planets too follow certain astronomical principles and rules.
In my future blogs I will try to reveal more on the notion of God and Godliness which will certainly benefit human-kind in many ways.

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Thanks for reading this short blog and see you in next blog soon.

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