Solution to Climate Change

Solution to Climate Change

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Hello friends, in this blog I will share my views on the topic i.e. Solution to Climate Change. Although the topic demands a core knowledge of Climatology, I will share my views using a simple to understand concepts and ideas which will enhance your overall knowledge.

So, let’s get started.

There is no doubt that Climate of our planet is changing rapidly. The ripple effect of climate change is visible all over the world as global earth temperature has risen to a significant value.
Global warming is one of the major threats to human existence on earth. The need of the hour is to control climate change as soon as possible else we won’t be able to safeguard our species on our mother planet.
World leaders should collaborate with each other and take every necessary action required to control global warming. The following are some of the solutions which I think can protect earth from climate change threat.
1. World should go green
More number of Trees should be grown as it is one of the most significant step in Biogeochemical cycles which are part of the all processes related to earth. The existence of trees play a major role in creating symbiotic relationship with other living species on earth.
2. Consuming Renewable source of Energy
Currently the majority of the world is utilizing non-renewable source of energy like coal, petroleum which is one of the cause of global warming. The burning of fossil fuels should be prohibited or reduced and renewable sources of energy like solar, wind should be promoted. The use of electric vehicles should be adopted by everyone.
3. Technology as a solution
The climate change is due to the presence of excessive harmful greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere which should be eliminated or stabilized via artificial gas removers like carbon dioxide scrubber or artificial tree. Some innovative companies world over are working on this solution.
The concept of artificial tree is new but in future we will see more number of artificial trees being planted worldwide.

At last, I must say that there is no dearth of solutions to the climate change problem provided we all become aware and work to safeguard the health of our mother planet, working in harmony with each other.
Thank you for sparing some time in reading this blog post i.e. Solution to Climate Change. I hope the thoughts expressed in this post has provided you the information that you are searching for. Do not forget to comment on this blog as a token of your support towards my effort to spread knowledge to everyone on exotic topics. Also don’t forget to Subscribe to this website.

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