Mind of Buddha

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Buddha, the enlightened one which many of you know, was a person of exceptional mind. His teachings and life lessons still are used and applied by many in real life situations.
It is not wrong to say that he attained enlightenment through meditation and self realization.
Mind of Buddha is very simple which anyone can attain or imitate, provided that person has a zeal to attain nirvana and moksha. The reflection of Buddha’s mind is visible through the writings related to Buddha’s life. Buddha’s quotes and wise sayings do give little glimpse of his spiritual mind. There is no doubt that the mind of Buddha was at peace and in constant touch with Almighty all the time.
One can cure any mental problem in life if one follows the lessons taught by the Buddha as generated by his mind. Without the mind of Buddha, Buddha might not be Buddha himself but some ordinary man.
At last I must say that each one of us are unique and is gifted with different mind which further is the result of Almighty’s greater plan of creation. Mind science is very vast and I will try to shed more light on this topic in my future blogs. Thanks for reading this short blog post on Mind of Buddha.

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