Importance of Human Rights and Equality

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Friends, as many of you might be aware of, that in today time Human Rights are at stake and in many countries the basic fundamental rights of some people are being suppressed.

This is very sad that today some people face the blunt of evil and corrupt people. We must not forget this, that God created all of us equal thus we all should respect and love each other as portrayed in Holy scriptures. The only way to thank God for It’s superb and miraculous work of creation is by spreading the message of love and compassion towards everyone.

The day is not far away when whole humanity may fight with each other, if God’s true message of love won’t be spread world-over. There are many things which we all should do ie. We should respect each other no matter what social status that person holds in the society. Furthermore, we all should help each other as much as we can. We should protect the rights of suppressed and vulnerable sect of society through compassion and offer voluntary service to work in that direction.

All political leaders should strive to implement those policies which are friendly for everyone and leave the state of stringency which might be present in their minds due to any reasons thus work for the progress of society as a whole.

It is very important that the leader should be loving and faithful in order to lead the region or world in a right direction by the will of one True God.

In the end, I must say that we all should agree that Human rights are of utmost importance thus should be respected and protected by all in all respects and forms as a goodwill gesture towards humanity.

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