How to Identify God

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Hello Friends, some of you might have wondered how to identify God if somehow God Itself comes in front of us. Well I believe that to identify God one needs to be pure enough.
Without purity nobody can know or get God by any means. So if you really wants to get or identify God then purify your body, mind and soul, the first and the best starting point to do that is through meditation. Try to meditate on this thought that God is supreme creator of everything and It’s dominion is supreme. Another big quality one should have to Identify God is strong Faith in God itself. One should be thankful to God as well because if we appreciate God then there are much better chances to get God sooner.
Here I must mention that one should not be superstitious to identify God but rather be rational.
In my future blogs I will share more thoughts related to this idea ie. How to Identify God.
In last, I pray to God that God may give strength and Faith to all of you who wants to know God and are zealous about the notion of God and Godliness.

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