Creating Heaven on Earth – Version 1

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Hello friends, in this blog I will share my views on the topic i.e. Creating Heaven on Earth. I will share my views using a simple to understand concepts and ideas which will enhance your overall knowledge.

So, let’s get started.

Right from our birth we are living on our mother planet. Earth is home for billions of people worldwide. Under the sky we all are a big family united with common motto of Unity in diversity among all nations of the world. It is the responsibility of every living soul of earth to safeguard our mother planet from different threats that linger upon it.
In order to create living heaven on earth we must follow certain steps

Firstly, every human should consider his/her fellow being as a brother and sister. We all must think that we all are member of one big family and has certain duties towards humanity.
There should not be any conflict about ideas related to varied topics among humans. World leaders should stay united and work together as a single entity to protect the world. There are many anti-social and terrorist groups operating in many parts of the world which should be eliminated peacefully through peacekeepers of the society.
If someone is wealthy then he/she should donate his/her money to poor and needy.
The biggest threat to humanity is due to the emergence of different ideas about certain issues that world is facing today. Negligence towards one’s duty is another cause of problems that world is facing. All Holy scriptures teach us that we all should love each other and stay united. Negative emotions should be rejected and eradicated from the society through spirit of compassion and love.
Spirituality has the key to transform our current state of world into a heavenly kingdom. This task is cumbersome as it demands contribution towards society from every human living on the planet.

In my future blogs I will share some more ideas related to this topic.

At last, I would like to assert that in order to create heaven on earth we all humans should unite among each other and spread the message of universal brotherhood to every nation. The collaborative efforts to protect humanity from collapse by human race will not go in vain and should deliver fruitful results at last till eternity.

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