Chakra of Life

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Life is full of strange things. There are many mysteries about life which are beyond any explanation. Take for instance example of dreams, no one knows why we dream. Although dreams are formed when one sleeps but still how dreams are formed is beyond rational explanation.
Some Buddhist lamas believe that life is a part of big chakra created by Almighty God. The notion of Life Chakra is controversial and highly debatable topic. We can explain it like this, whenever we do work in our daily life then we commit Karma which is derived from some kind of cosmic energy. Just like as if we all need oxygen to live and oxygen is a kind of derived form of energy. The philosophy of mind is part of Chakra of life and resides in extra dimension of nature.
Chakra of life is divided into many small sub-cycles, is eternal and endless in itself. The supreme power has the power to intervene and control the life chakra as per my belief. The meditation holds the key to purity and proliferate Chakra of life in a better manner.
The future generations might find clue to Chakra of life but right now it is a big mystery. In my future blogs, I will try to explain more about the Cosmic Chakras so keep visiting my website and support me if you find the content in this website beneficial and interesting to you.

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