Can we See Ghosts

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Hello Friends, in this blog I will share my views on the topic i.e. Can we See Ghosts.
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Friends, it is a highly debatable topic if we can see ghosts. Many religious texts cite many incidents of people watching ghosts. However, science rejects the existence of ghosts.
According to science, there is no entity called ghosts. On the other hand, there has been evidence of psychics and mystics who claim that ghosts are real and can be visible based on one’s ability.
Some believe that when a person dies then he becomes a ghost. Now, this is not always true as there is another Sect of people who believe that ghosts exist only in an imaginary world of the mind. Some say it’s a mental illness that propels one to believe that ghosts are real.
As per my belief, there is a special band of light or extra-dimension in which ghosts might reside. Though I don’t have any evidence for my belief.
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At last, I can say that it doesn’t matter whether we can see ghosts or not as the ghostly world is beyond the realm of our world.

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