Can Humans be converted into Robots in future

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Hello Friends, in this blog I will share my views on the topic i.e. Can Humans be converted into Robots in future.
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Technology is rising at an exponential scale. There is no doubt that humans will be converted into robots in future. Today we have many people who live with electronic prosthetic embedded inside their body. Some consider it necessity others consider it fashion. The day is not far away when whole human race will be converted into Cyborg or Robot entities.

However, others believe that humans should not be converted into robots as the identity given to us by nature would be lost. Some think that only God has the power and authority to transform us and we humans should not play with the rules of mother nature by converting ourselves into robots.

I personally believe that conversion of humans into robots is the destiny of the humanity and we cannot escape from it. Sooner or later we all have to adapt ourselves with robot bodies and a new physiology.

In my future blogs I will share some more ideas related to this topic.

At last, I would like to assert that Technology of the future will certainly allow us to convert into robots. All our cells will be transformed into artificial stuff which is out of the scope of current technical know-how. Some big companies have already started working on the projects which will transform ourselves into robots.

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