Abstract Shape Theory

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Abstract Shapes play a major role in our lives and it is quite methodical to find the equation or technique to theorize those shapes.
While theorizing abstract shapes, the following is the algorithm which is useful in converting any abstract shape of real world to a 2-Dimensional world of computers till date.

1. Select a region out of shape which is discontinuous in configuration.

2. Traverse clockwise patch using tangent line in a patch, with respect to X and Y axis.

3. Selection of Tangent line position is uneven and based on shape configuration distribution in space.

4. Repeat above three steps till whole shape be covered.

Any abstract shape present in cosmos can be theorized using the above algorithm/technique.
Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture and Hodge Conjecture may be solvable using above algorithm or methodology.

In my future blogs, I will shed more light on this theory of mine.

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