Shape of Cosmos – Version 1

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Hello Friends, in this blog I will share my views on the topic i.e. Shape of Cosmos – Version 1. I will share my views using simple to understand concepts and ideas which will enhance your overall knowledge.

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Friends, I believe that Cosmos is either dimensionless or has infinite dimensions. In order to find the exact answer to this, we might need to explore the entire cosmos first.
The shape of Cosmos depends on many factors. For instance, it depends on the content of the Cosmos. If Cosmos have infinite Cosmic entities like Black holes, Galaxies, etc then definitely those entities have the capacity to mold the final shape of Cosmos.
Topology and Differential geometry play a vital role in introspecting the shape of Cosmos.
Currently, the boundaries of Cosmos are out of reach of humanity as it is beyond current technological know-how. However, this doesn’t mean to loosen all hopes rather we all should be optimistic that future generations might delve deep into the mystery of Cosmos and will finally know the Shape of Cosmos.
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