Future of Energy – Version 1

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Hello Friends, in this blog I will share my views on the topic i.e. Future of Energy – Version 1. I will share my views using simple to understand concepts and ideas which will enhance your overall knowledge.

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Friends, we are heading to an era of a golden age for technology. Technology is driving our daily life. The next big revolution in technology would be in the sector of energy. We can not live without energy. Whether it is Chemical energy or solar energy, all our work depends totally on energy.
Have any of you wondering the future of energy. Energy is available limitlessly in the cosmos. Our main source of energy here on earth is Sun. But what if the sun would perish or burn off. Well God forbid, that situation is not going to happen soon although will happen in the future.
You all might have heard this ie. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.
I must say that Energy can be created and often change its forms. For instance, solar energy gets converted into chemical energy in the process of Photosynthesis.
Cosmos is full of mysteries and the future of energy is highly unpredictable. Here I must say that Energy’s future will depend on the symphony being played in humanity and cosmic events which will certainly decide the future of energy.
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