Cosmic Astrology and Humanity

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Friends, Although Astrology is considered a Pseudo Science, still many believe in it even in today’s time. Very few of us know that even great minds of history like Galileo pondered deep in Astrology for a long. In fact, today’s Astronomy is derivative of Astrology field of study.

It is my personal belief that Astrology does play some role in one’s life. The exact orientations and positions of celestial bodies do have some impact in molding the personality of a person.

We should not forget the fact that we all are part of a big cosmic field that is under the dominion of God. If God desires then, the harmful acts of Cosmic bodies may be averted as predicted by Astrological principles.

It is very hard to prove the authenticity of Astrology and some even reject to belief in it. I believe that one should have true faith in God and don’t bother at all on Astrology as certain Holy Texts reject the act of future predictions thus consider it against the will of God. However, Cosmic Astrology remains the integral part of Godly wisdom bestowed on certain chosen ones by God himself. Therefore, it should be used for doing good to others and strengthening the bonds of God with humanity rather to harm someone.

It is the moral duty of all of us to use Cosmic Astrology in a positive way and do good in human society and nature as a whole based on the rich knowledge collected from it. The present Astrology can be expanded to Multiverse as well provided we have Cosmic data available to do so.

In conclusion, I must say that the control of future time and Kaal-Chakra should be left to God alone, thus Magic and Astrology should never be practiced as it creates a sense of doubt in the mind of few and people loose faith in God who can do anything, this is all-powerful of everything.

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